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Variegated Billietiae

Variegated Billietiae

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❀ Handmade in Maryland

❀ Length - see end of description

❀ Materials - pendants featuring watercolor-inspired art are coated in non-toxic resin, gold hooks are 14k gold plated (no lead, nickel, or cadmium), rose gold and silver hooks/ball post studs are hypoallergenic, sterling silver hooks are available upon request


Save up to $50 off any order by checking out my discount codes here. Military members, educators, and healthcare workers can also save by visiting that exact same link! You can even change the color of the metal or turn most earrings into clip-ons here.


Even though they will be similar, no two pairs of anything that is handmade will ever be the exact same. However, I will continue to and have always done my best to replicate originals. You can also expect the sizes, shades, and patterns to vary slightly from batch to batch. The photos of this item serve to depict what you should expect when receiving your order but please note that these items are handmade and will carry slight variations, especially in color saturation and vividness.

Photos are edited to bring out the varying shades of the original item due to the slight dullness that can often occur due to natural lighting from time to time. I will attach a care guide for all orders from my shop so that you're always aware of what the care should look like for each item you purchase.

All pendants, regardless of their type, are handpainted on the back. I typically use mint, gold, or dark green but please let me know what you have in mind if you'd like something different. It's helpful to send a link or photo of the color you had in mind.

Send me a message on social media @shophethr (IG, FB) or email me at for custom orders. You can also use the chat icon on my website too!


For car hangings, pendants, hangings, magnets, keychains, and pins - please specify which leaf or leaves you'd like to use. This only applies to listings with mismatching leaves and will apply to all future listings.

- Dangles - Approximately 2.5-2 inches but can be adjusted to your liking as well as all other options. Request any sizing changes at checkout.

- Car hanging - Exact same size as the dangle earring pendant and comes with one per order. Features 2-3 wooden beads as seen in the photos. But, if you like one option better than the other in terms of how many beads (2 or 3) then add that to the message box at checkout. Comes on a jute twine string untied so that you can adjust to your rearview mirror. If you have dexterity problems and need it to come tied then add that to the message box as well.

- Studs - Simply a smaller version of the earrings and approximately 0.5 inches in length. Exactly the same art is used. They feature plastic backings to accommodate those with metal sensitivities. To request gold or silver metal backing, simply add a note to the “Order special instructions” box prior to checkout.

- Pendant - The same pendant as dangles but comes with just a jump ring for you to you as a charm however you want.

- 12" Necklace - Same pendants as the dangles. The only difference is that it will be on a chain. Please specify which leaf you'd want to be used for the necklace pendant at checkout.

- Christmas ornament/Hanging decor (4-5 inches in length) - The string used to hang will be made from jute twine also. However, I have tons of ribbons and string fabrics available so message me with any special requests! It won’t be an additional charge if I already have the material and won’t cost you more than $1-2 to change the chord. The art will be exactly the same. The pendant will be slightly larger for better visibility on your tree. Please specify which leaf you'd want to be used for the ornament pendant at checkout.

- Magnets - Same pendant as dangles. However, in cases where the leaf is thinner than the magnet attachment itself (e.g. Queen Anthurium) then I will size up accordingly. Each magnet can hold up to 9.9 oz.

- Pins and Keychains - Same pendant as the dangles but as a pin instead.

Special requests and customs are highly welcomed at my store. Ask away! I read all of my messages in a timely manner :)

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