What first started out as a polymer clay earring business called Lavender and Clay  during Spring 2019 has now become a growing space for thoughtful creations inspired by beauty, feminity, functionality, and nature.

We're a small queer/black-owned brand centered around quality, affordable, sustainable, and thoughtfully handmade creations inspired by plants and nature. Sometimes, those creations are in the form of physical products such as handpainted candles or dainty little suncatchers. Other times, they’re convenient printable downloads to help organize your life or bring nature to your home in the form of original wall art. Whether you’re another creative or just someone who loves to support small businesses - welcome!


To sustainably cultivate unique handmade experiences through quality, innovative, and imaginative products that inspire and empower.


People - Create a more diverse and connected online community of those inspired by art and thoughtful design.

Makers - Serve as the premier hub for online educational resources for other brands in the handmade community that are transformative, easily accessible, and affordable.

Environment - Become the leading example for sustainable business practices for other small businesses especially maker brands.


  • Fact Number One

    I literally have 9 guinea pigs, 7 hamsters, and 2 cats. Yup! I'm a fur-mom of 18...and counting...👀

  • Fact Number Two

    I was born in the Cayman Islands 🌴 Grand Cayman to be exact! Low-key, my favorite dish at home is Cayman style turtle. It's like the cow of the sea - basically.

  • Fact Number Three

    I can't stand the taste of peas. YUUUCK! They're one of the vegetables I never could get along with ever since I was a kid. No thank ya ma'am.

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