STEP ONE: Reaching out

Using either the chat icon (bottom left), social media @shophethr, or my email, you can send me a message anytime regarding (1) your idea and (2) a photo of the exact leaf or plant that you'd like me to replicate.

STEP TWO: Mock-ups

Using the image that you sent, I will work on a mock-up of what the art of your custom order will look like once the pieces have been cured. I will share these mock-ups with you and will apply any changes or final critiques to the end product.

STEP THREE: Your order's ready!

Once I've created and cured the art piece, the product will be shipped and you will get a shipping notification as soon as a shipping label has been prepared.

STEP FOUR: Leave a review

Imagine if no one knew about an important project that you started and decided to share with the world? Leaving reviews on social media and tagging me helps the growth of my small business SO much. All reviewers can claim a discount code to use on their next order EVERY TIME they leave a review.