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Wholesale Order for Homestead Gardens

Wholesale Order for Homestead Gardens

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Thank you for your support and patience Sue ❤️ You requested:

  • Studs - set A (3), set B (3), set C (3), set E (3)
  • Marble pink princess philodendron dangles (3)
  • Gloriosum large form  dangles (3)
  • Anthurium clarinervium  dangles (3)
  • Scindapsus exotica  dangles (3)
  • Lemon lime maranta  dangles (3)
  • Queen anthurium  dangles (3)
  • Mature golden pothos  dangles (3)
  • Caladium  dangles (3)
  • Monstera albo  dangles (3) 
  • Calathea burle-marxii  dangles (3)
  • Stromanthe triostar  dangles (3)

Wholesale pricing breakdown:

  • Studs $9 for each pair (12 pairs total) = $108
  • Dangles $18 for each pair (33 total) = $594 ($702 grand total before discount)
  • Discount = $35 or redeem for bonus houseplant items added to your order of your choosing or mine. Please specify.

Let me know if you have any questions prior to placing your order!



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Neighbor Ride connects volunteer drivers in the Howard County of Maryland to older adults in need of transportation. Through this non-profit, they're able to obtain transportation to medical care, shopping destinations, faith based activities and services, as well as social outings with friends. Independence shouldn't be a luxury. I'll be donating $1 of every sale to this incredible and essential non-profit.

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