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Houseplant Leaf Paper Clips

Houseplant Leaf Paper Clips

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❀ Handmade in Maryland

❀ Length - plant art measures approximately 0.5 inches and paper clips are approximately 1” in length

❀ Materials - pendants featuring watercolor-inspired art coated in non-toxic resin 

❀ Colors available - light blue, lime green, hot pink, mint green (specify which you’d prefer at checkout). I may have other colors available. Send me a message if you would like to request any.


Scan through the photos of all the different leaves I currently have available in my store. Then, select the leaf or leaves that you would like to purchase and adjust the quantity accordingly. For mixed lots, specify which plants you want in the text box at checkout or disregard to indicate you’d like me to choose. For example, you could say something like, “I want 2 syngonium albo (#3) paper clips in light blue and 1 melanochrysum (#18) paper clip on hot pink.”


Save up to $50 off any order by checking out my discount codes here. Military members, educators, and healthcare workers can also save by visiting that exact same link! You can even change the color of the metal or turn most earrings into clip-ons here.


Even though they will be similar, no two pairs of anything that is handmade will ever be the exact same. However, I will continue to and have always done my best to replicate originals. You can also expect the sizes, shades, and patterns to vary slightly from batch to batch. Warping or bubbles should be expected. Most pieces will not lay completely flat and the bubbles shouldn’t be too distracting. The bubbles typically aren’t visible unless you’re looking really close and depending on the where the light hits it.

The photos of this item serve to depict what you should expect when receiving your order but please note that these items are handmade and will carry slight variations, especially in color saturation and vividness. Photos are edited to bring out the varying shades of the original item due to the slight dullness that can often occur due to natural lighting from time to time. Care guides for all orders are available here

All pendants, regardless of their type, are handpainted on the back. I typically use mint, gold, or dark green but please let me know what you have in mind if you'd like something different. It's helpful to send a link or photo of the color you had in mind.

Send me a message on social media @shophethr (IG, FB) or email me at for custom orders. You can also use the chat icon on my website too!


For mismatched leaves, if there is a particular one that you want then you can request that at checkout. For example, you could say something like, “I want 5 croc charms of the following: 3 lemon lime marantas (2 left leaf, 1 right leaf) and 2 queen anthuriums.” If it doesn’t matter, simply disregard and I will choose for you. I try to choose the one with more detailing.

If you see a listing for the plant that you’d like but it’s missing from this one, it is likely because the product was just added to the store and I either forgot to update the photos here or haven’t gotten to it as yet. In that case, send me a message using the chat icon and I will respond as soon as possible (usually within the hour).

Special requests and customs are highly welcomed at my store. Ask away! I read all of my messages in a timely manner :)

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