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Custom for Mary V.

Custom for Mary V.

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Thank you for your support and your patience Mary ❤️ You requested:

  • 1 strawberry shake philodendron magnet
  • 1 pink variegated velvet alocasia magnet
  • 1 strawberry ice syngonium magnet
  • 1 gloriosum magnet
  • 1 variegated alocasia frydek magnet
  • 2 monstera albo magnets

All magnets are the exact same size as the earring dangle pendants which is apparently 2.5-3”. 

Pricing breakdown:

  • 6 magnets at $3 each = $18
  • 1 magnet at $6 each = $18 + $6 = $24

DM me if you have any other requests or questions!

- Heather

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Neighbor Ride connects volunteer drivers in the Howard County of Maryland to older adults in need of transportation. Through this non-profit, they're able to obtain transportation to medical care, shopping destinations, faith based activities and services, as well as social outings with friends. Independence shouldn't be a luxury. I'll be donating $1 of every sale to this incredible and essential non-profit.

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